You want your golfer to follow the expected patterns of performance so they can accomplish everything they want. You want them to have every opportunity for success, so you research how often they should be competing, what they should be wearing, how old they need to be, how many coaches they should have. You want to have every answer.


  • Your golfer will second guess their decisions and look to you for answers.
  • Your golfer will struggle to discover their own path, trust their own process, and find their own answers.
  • Without personal investment and belief in their plans, your athlete will feel less motivated to make them happen.


Part of becoming competitive and unstoppable is the belief that you can do and overcome anything. If you are overcoming and planning everything for them, when you leave they won't know how to plan and succeed on their own. Planning is important. Be there as a guide. Ask them what their plan is and why. If they don't have a why, encourage some research. What do the coaches or stats say they should be doing? How do they think they're going to get there? If their plan isn't creating the results they want, teach them how to pivot.