You my friend want to fix everything. You want to ensure the most amount of success and you don't want your golfer to suffer, struggle, or fail. You want to keep your golfer safe from coaches, teammates, competitors, losing, heartache, and sometimes even hard work.


  • Your golfer can become dependent on you.
  • Your golfer may not have confidence in their own ideas and decisions without consulting you first.
  • Your golfer will look at you any time something goes wrong and expect you to solve any problems.


There will always be hard things. They need to learn how to weather the storms without you or when they leave and go to college or play professionally, they won't know how to fend for themselves. When your golfer brings you their problem, ask what they would do. How would they fix it? How would they overcome it? What ideas do they have? SILENCE IS OKAY. Try not to tell them their idea will not work. Let them try it and if it doesn't work let them find a new route. I promise they will become a tougher golfer and stronger competitor as they learn to stand on their own two feet.