You want to help your golfer make the right decisions so they can become their best. You want them to find the right path. You want to make sure everyone else is doing their job and doing it well so that your golfer has every opportunity to succeed.


  • Your golfer can become overwhelmed by too many cooks in the kitchen and this may lead them to worry more about your approval than their own success and goals.
  • There’s a chance they shut down and doubt themselves instead of feeling confident.
  • When you do all the leg work and thinking, your golfer doesn’t get to fail, learn, or think for themselves. They know the answers and they have every capability of finding them. Just let them.


Ask questions. Help them think. Discuss with them. BUT do not give them the answer and do not try to lead them to the answer you think is right. Hold off your ideas until later. Do not try to make up for what their coach is doing or not doing UNLESS your golfer asks you.