How to Help Your
Golfer Create Confidence

Thanks for loving your golfers and wanting the best for them!

I'm Lauren Woodburn and want the best for them too. Check out the different parent traps by clicking on the buttons below, that are so easy to fall into and some easy ways to encourage your golfer to be their most competitive and confident self.

But take note parents. As you explore the different kind of parent you might be, know that your golfer's results and confidence are not because of you, good or bad. They are all their own. So if they aren't getting the results they want, it's not their swing, it's not that they need more hours of practice. It's their confidence. It's their thoughts about themselves. Let me help them take responsibility for their results and become the greatest competitors they can be. Let me teach them how to win and believe completely in themselves.

I only do five free consults per week, so sign up your golfer for theirs now and let me help them become their most confident and competitive self.

Also if you have any questions or you want to chat about parenting competitive golfers, shoot me an email using the button below and let's help your golfer make their way to the top of the leaderboard.

You’re the parent who is always on. You want to share your love and excitement about golf and your golfer. You want to encourage them and always be there smiling with your thumbs up. You want to create excitement, energy, and confidence for your golfer.

You want to help your golfer make the right decisions so they can become their best. You want them to find the right path. You want to make sure everyone else is doing their job and doing it well so that your golfer has every opportunity to succeed.

You want to fix everything. You want to ensure the most amount of success and you don’t want your golfer to suffer, struggle, or fail. You want to keep your golfer safe from coaches, teammates, competitors, losing, heartache, and sometimes even hard work.

You want the best for your golfer and you see their full potential even when they do not. You might believe they don’t have a shot at a professional or collegiate career. OR you might decide just how far your golfer can “realistically go”. OR you might decide that your golfer is made for more than they know so you push your dreams or the dreams you think they should have on them. You don’t want them to experience possible regret or disappointment.

You want your golfer to do everything perfectly so they can be successful. You search for more drills and coaches. You want your golfer to perform in a way that they can be proud of. You push them so that they can accomplish the dreams they’ve told you they want.

You want your golfer to follow the expected patterns of performance so they can accomplish everything they want. You want them to have every opportunity for success, so you research how often they should be competing, what they should be wearing, how old they need to be, how many coaches they should have. You want to have every answer.

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