My name is Lauren Woodburn and I love to win.

For my entire life, sports have been MY thing. I love to watch, play, and learn every kind of sport.

I grew up playing basketball and soccer competitively. But when my 13th birthday rolled around; my dad got me a set of golf clubs. Not the Walmart special set that comes in pink or blue, but a set of 6 clubs made by the pro at our golf course. It was obvious he wanted me to start playing more golf. In the beginning, golf seemed SO boring. There weren’t loud crowds cheering you on, you played by yourself, and no matter how much extra aggression I tried to put into my golf swing, it didn’t seem to help me score better.


But I’m competitive and I wanted to conquer this game that mostly old people played. So, my dad started taking me to the golf course every morning at 5 am to play 9 holes of golf before school. We’d tee off in the dark and pretty soon we were friends with all of the grounds crew. There were no other players out there, so we’d hit 10 balls into the green and chip and putt them all. The consistency of playing every day helped me to improve quickly. And while I still shanked the ball, one birdie or 30-foot putt would keep me coming back.

I always wanted to play at Brigham Young University (BYU). I continued to work hard, elevate my game, and play in lots of tournaments. The summer before my senior year, I had a particularly good tournament finish and the new BYU Women’s golf coach called me up and asked me if I wanted to come play for her. I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks, I was so excited!

While I dominated my local golf tournaments, college was a big shift and in my four years playing there I felt like I had the physical skills to compete, but mentally I was lacking. I played scared or worried about what other people were thinking about my golf game. I threw away great rounds because of a few bad shots that I let rattle me. We even worked with a sports psychologist. Everything he taught us about the brain made sense, but I never learned how to bridge the gap between the knowledge of mental power and how to actually apply it.

Then a year ago I started working with a coach on my mental game and my ability to create ALL the results I want in my life. I learned that our thoughts create our feelings and that those feelings are what motivate us to act and achieve our greatest dreams and results. My coach gave me tools to help me manage my mind and I began to realize the power these tools would have given me when I was competing. My mind was BLOWN.

So I decided to become a CERTIFIED COACH and work with competitive golfers, who are ready to create their competitive mental edge and reach their potential.

These tools do not only work for a select few. The ultimate goal here is for you to WIN MORE. You will be able to BELIEVE COMPLETELY in your potential. You will be able to reach your goal to THRIVE as a collegiate golfer. AND you can have FUN doing it. All of these things are possible for you. Come work with me and make it happen! ! 

I love coaching golfers who are all in. I love coaching golfers who want to win. I love coaching golfers who dream big and want to see what they can accomplish. If this is you, we are a match made in heaven. 

I can help you. So come work with me!

You can accomplish all the goals and dreams that you have.

Let’s see how far you can go.

Let’s figure out how much you can win.

Let’s find out how many records you can break.

Let's discover what you're capable of.